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With these and other changes, the government has helped put the industry of gambling In Italia in the right direction.

Due to the growth of the Internet and more and more people who want to get out of the casinos, the government has also recently created a body which issued the licenses to cover the type of game being used in public areas, including the slot games. AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) issues licenses to those who operate online casinos and physical casinos which is limited to only 200 per year. The requirements for obtaining a license include the management of the administration, a high turnover for the money earned in the games and pay the annual fee AAMS. While for some it’s a hassle to get the license, this has helped to regulate gambling, to the point that the casinos have gained a lot more since they are licensed and are regulated. Those who dare to break the laws of the government may face incarceration.

gamesoftwareAlthough not much is known about the history of slot machines In Italia, slot machines have always been a part of casinos all over the world. Could it be that when casinos began to evolve, mobile casino games and slot machines have begun to become popular among people? Everything about bingo, poker and blackjack includes slot machines. With the simplicity and functionality, it is hard to deny that the slot machines are a hit among the people. It does not involve much money and anyone, even a very busy worker, can play with a slot machine. Slot machines have seen a surge in popularity, such as various surveys on the web demonstrate the rising players across Italiache put more of their money in the casino games, more specifically in the slot games. A consequence of what the government has done for gambling, slot machines have become increasingly popular. This year alone, we have seen an increase In Italia betting, half of which comes from slot games. And this came out because of the discipline imposed by the government in gambling.

While the law has limited the number of casinos that operate In Italia, has not stopped the Italians to win in casino games. In recent years, people are seeing more and more casino games at tobacconists and also in the bar. It is for players who have a limited budget who want to have the winnings from slot games.

The new slots, such as slot machines are called In Italia, have become a hit among slot players due to the low economic condition to play. It takes only 1 Euro to play. While some slot games require a much higher to play the new slots offer everyone the chance to play, which may explain why a lot of bars nowadays have these machines in them. The maximum bet on slots is 50 euro at the moment (there are reports that say that it will increase to 100). This is definitely for a player with limited budget.

But what could be the reason for the popularity of slot machines? It is linked to the Italian culture? Wagers in the betting casinos already testified, but in reality, what are these reasons?

And What About Bonuses and Free Spins?

Free Spins Bonus at Online Casinos Explained

gamesandgreatgamesPlayers who register and create a new account at online casinos will be welcomed with a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can be a match bonus, free bets or free spins. Free spins is one of the most popular welcome bonuses that casinos they use. They can form the entire welcome bonus, for example, players can earn up to 100 free spins or they can be a part of a welcome bonus such as a match bonus plus a smaller number of free spins.

Claiming the Free Spins

Players can claim these free spins once they are eligible for it. The terms differ from one free spins bonus to another. For example, some free spins require a deposit, in this type, players will have to make an initial real money deposit of a minimum amount so they can claim the free spins bonus. The other type is similar to the no-deposit bonus as players can claim the number of free spins by simply registering at the casino without having to make any deposits.

Using the Free Spins

The free spins that are awarded by the casino can be used at specific games or all games, depending on the terms of the bonus itself. Players can know the specific slot gaming titles that they can use the free spins on through the terms and conditions page of the free spins bonus. These spins can be dedicated to slot machines alone or they can include spinning roulette wheels as well. The dedicated game or games for the free spins might change from time to time.

Players will keep what they won resulting from the free spins. Some casinos will set a limit on the maximum amount of winnings that players can keep from the free spins. Before they are eligible to request a withdrawal, they will have to meet the wagering requirements that are attached to the bonus. These wagering requirements can also be found at the Terms and Conditions page of the bonus. It will show players what they will have to do in order to be able to ask for a withdrawal. These wagering requirements can include making a deposit of a minimum amount and then wagering the amount of this deposit a certain amount of times. They can also include wagering the amount of the winning a certain number of times. Players who ask for a withdrawal before completely fulfilling the wagering requirements that the casino has set will forfeit all bonus credit and winnings.

Free Bets Include Free Spins

Some casinos offer players an amount of free bets, usually between 1000 and 1500 dollars worth of credits, that they can use to place real bets on some or all of the casino games. This includes slot machines and roulette tables. Players will also keep the winnings with a certain amount, usually equal $100 and they will have to make a deposit and meet certain requirements before being eligible to request a withdrawal from the casino.