US and Canadian Business


Cultural exchange between business partners can strengthen each business while fostering a relationship built on understanding and the trusting of one another.  In our council, businesses will have the opportunity to grow their contacts and business while meeting real decision makers and lawmakers.  This is an opportunity to meet the people behind the laws and regulations that will be the part of the course of the story of your business for years to come. Canadian and United States Businesses will find something to learn and grow from during our seminars.  Attending or seeking the Council of experts from the Canada-U.S. Business Chicago Council, will strengthen your business no matter what side of the border your corporate entity resides in.

Welcome to the Canada-U.S. Business Chicago Council! We are your Canadian Connection.

We coordinate pertinent events to allow networking as well as promote and foster business relations between Canada and the United States and between Canada and the international community. Of course, we also want to encourage economic, political, scientific, academic and cultural exchanges between Canadians and Americans as well as be a resource for the Canadian community. We offer a wonderful opportunity to meet others for business, learning, or just plain fun.

For over 50 years we have been known as the Canadian Chicago Club. With our new name we will be continuing with its many traditions.